New partner company: xelectrix

CrossPower will now be working in close collaboration with xelectrix Power GmbH. Our new partner’s special strength lies in the development of safe and environmentally friendly battery modules. Thanks to its active battery management system (aBMS) and associated power controls, xelectrix is revolutionising the energy storage industry.

What’s more, the in-house engineered LiFePO4 battery cells are transforming safety standards.

The battery pack features advanced safety technology as well as its own, thermally triggered extinguishing system. Peak shaving, load shifting, emergency supply, black starting capability, peak power boosting, UPS (uninterruptible power supply), consumption optimisation, stabilisation of electrical networks including voltage compensation, power factor correction and highly dynamic frequency control are integrated as standard in all products.

Compact and innovative

The xelectrix Power Box, with its compact modular design, has been developed for stationary and mobile applications. What makes this energy storage system innovative is its new inverter technology – the bi-directional hybrid inverter. This allows xelectrix Power GmbH, its exclusive global supplier, to transmit energy in both directions using a single inverter. As a result, the number of components is reduced and energy efficiency is increased by over 90%.

Designed to ‘plug and play’, this independent system needs no adaptation to the existing infrastructure: the Power Box can be easily combined or hybridised with available energy sources such as solar energy systems, wind turbines and generating sets.

Powerful autonomy

As a consequence, the technology from xelectrix Power GmbH offers a whole range of benefits:

  • Considerable reduction in CO2 emissions
  • Massive cost saving when combined with generators and through resulting hybridisation: fuel reduction of up to 40%, maintenance cost reduction of up to 50%
  • Enables the use of smaller diesel generators
  • High efficiency
  • High ROI with short payback time
  • High performance and a long life
  • Hybridisation of existing energy sources
  • Multifunctional and modular design for easy extension
  • Highest standards of safety and international certification