Supporting the energy transition

CrossPower Energy GmbH aspires to do its utmost to support the transition to cleaner energies. We are a company that has grown rapidly since its foundation in 2019 and specialise in plant engineering, plant operation, energy consultancy, engineering, e-mobility and research & development.

Our driving force is our belief that renewable energy sources are fundamental to the energy supply of the future. We intend to contribute significantly to the development of more sustainable solutions and thus play our part in reducing global CO2 emissions.

Tailored project development and implementation

For each application, we carry out an individual feasibility study based on the unique features of the particular project. By using the most up-to-date engineering tools, we are able to present a range of possible solutions which form the basis for further discussion. We then work with our customers to find the option that is most economical and ecologically sound.

As a whole-of-market system integrator, we can guarantee maximum flexibility when it comes to the choice of product. This means CrossPower Energy is in a position to offer the latest technologies and concepts that are best suited to your project – as turnkey solutions across the entire value-added chain.

Plant engineering:


Photovoltaic systems


Battery storage

Crosspower_Icons_2021-01-12_Hybride Energieversorgung

Hybrid power supply

Other services


Energy consultancy





Crosspower_Icons_2021-01-12_Forschung und Entwicklung

Research and development