Every project is unique. Feasibility studies help us develop the most favourable ecological and ecological variant according to a project’s individual requirements and framework conditions.

The amortisation period may vary greatly. Depending on type, structure and financing of the plant as well as the local environmental conditions and the plant characteristics (pure photovoltaic plant, hybrid energy supply plant, etc.), payback periods of 3 to 10 years are the norm.

The electricity generation costs for pure photovoltaic systems range between EUR 0.03 and EUR 0.07 per kWh, depending on the operating model (full feed-in, grid connection, etc.).
With hybrid power supply, the energy mix is the decisive element (photovoltaics, wind, diesel back-up systems, etc.). On average, the costs are between EUR 0.07 and EUR 0.15 per kWh.
In the course of a feasibility study, costs can be identified more precisely.

Our feasibility studies are carried out with special software tools such as HOMER PRO or PV*SOL. We have access to climate databases in order to use the corresponding data as the basis for meaningful reports.
The results are validated by comparing different models.

We work with the following partnership models:

  • Full feed-in – Power Purchase Agreement/PPA
    The plant is operated by the investor.
    The yield is fed 100% into the grid of the local grid operator.
    The investor enters into a PPA with the energy provider.
    The investor receives 100% of the income.
  • Coverage of own requirements
    CrossPower Energy GmbH is building the plant.
    The owner of the plant covers his entire energy requirements.
    Surplus energy not required for own use is transferred to the local energy supplier.
    The owner of the plant receives 100% of the income.
  • Build-Operate-Transfer/BOT models
    Together with our partners we offer setups based on BOT models.
    A Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) finances, builds and operates the system.
    After a predefined term, the plant is transferred to the buyer.
    The customer comes to a PPA with the SPV and pays a price specified in the PPA for each kWh purchased.
  • Off-grid plants – Independent Power Producer/IPP
    Off-grid areas can be supplied with energy by hybrid systems.
    An SPV acts as an IPP.
    A PPA forms the basis of the cooperation between the customer and the SPV.
    BOT models are also conceivable in the area of off-grid plants.

A strong network with trusted partners is a prerequisite for successful project implementation. We are happy to establish contact with project developers or investors or to involve potential partners in your project.