We take responsibility

In our organisation, diversity means a plurality that should enrich our corporate culture. We therefore see appreciation, respect and fair treatment of all our staff, in addition to decent pay, as essential ingredients for a great working environment.

Business ethics

We maintain close ties with all our stakeholders and have a keen interest in establishing long-lasting alliances and partnerships based on mutual trust.

Consequently, CrossPower Energy has implemented a Business Ethics Directive and set up its own compliance programme. The training we give our staff based on the company’s Code of Conduct is an important part of the way we operate. This ensures that we always act appropriately in our daily dealings with all stakeholders.

Corporate social responsibility

CrossPower Energy has a strong sense of social responsibility. We regularly touch base with partner companies and organisations that need our support. Our initiatives are intended to help them improve their particular circumstances and encourage growth. We run employee programmes, cooperate with local communities and, by the very nature of our operations, contribute to improving the environment.

Our management ensures that our day-to-day business runs smoothly. This helps us uphold a trusted relationship with all our stakeholders. Sustainability, in all its senses, is hugely important to us and the value we place on it is reflected in the way we approach all our business dealings. Find out more about our initiatives here.

The pillars of CrossPower’s Energy’s CSR strategy


CrossPower Energy interacts ethically with the entire business ecosystem.


CrossPower Energy is committed to respecting all employees and stakeholders.


CrossPower Energy is dedicated to improving the environment through its business operations.