Denise Seidl

+43 2236 36 76 33
+43 660 632 68 65

  • Office Management
  • Social Media
  • Advertising
  • CrossPower Mobility
  • Research
  • Quality Management

People are always talking about the green footprint, but shouldn’t our goal really be to leave no footprint whatsoever? That’s the reason why CrossPower Energy is committed to sustainable action and the idea of a better future. Our company’s tagline is ‘Together for a healthier world’. And together we can achieve this goal, because at CrossPower Energy everyone gets the chance to live out their individuality and thus make the most of their personal strengths.”

While working for a company of the PSA Group, Denise Seidl was in charge of office work and client processing, of time and fleet management, preparation of the accounts and customer service. Thereby her focus was on ensuring customer satisfaction and the division of work among employees.

Moving to a large, international company allowed her to build up experience in real estate area, where supported the management level in all matters. At the beginning of 2020, she took on the position of office manager at CrossPower Energy and was also put in charge of the mobility, advertising and social media functions.