Our vision:

At CrossPower® we are seeking a long-lasting relationship with our customers. We will foster a business culture of excellence, trust and ethical collaboration to achieve our business goals to be the responsible leader and the employer of choice while providing the most innovative clean energy solutions to our clients.

Our mission:

Our corporate talents are focussed and accelerating the adaption of renewable energy technologies across the world to conserve the environment and provide an environmentally friendly, clean, sustainable and efficient power supply. We are committed to our customers, their needs, international safety and the environment while maintaining the highest quality standards in our industry.

Management Statement:

“We wanted to create something unique, a place where people can thrive and are able to make their dreams come true. We want to create an environment where our employees feel happy – a place where people want to come and stay. We are hiring the best who are willing to contribute to our success. It’s not our task to tell our employees what to do and how it needs to be done. They are our most important asset, that’s why we treat them well and take care of them – this is our commitment!”

“Climate change and global warming cannot be denied any longer. We accept the challenge to change the world to a better and cleaner one to make our earth a safer place for mankind, all beings and creatures on this beautiful planet. We cannot and do not accept a no – we are ready to implement our concepts globally – based on our business ethics and principles – whatever it takes – today and tomorrow – until we reach our goals.”