Intelligent charging stations

Our intelligent charging stations manage the energy consumption of each user. This is particularly important when a charging station is being used by a range of different people. The EV Manager is an intuitive user interface with a host of features that lets charging station operators get a clear view of usage:

  • Charging point status
  • User-specific consumption reports and precise billing (perfect for company vehicles if expenses are reimbursed by the employer)
  • Management of user accounts and charging stations
  • Remote control

An app also allows the EV Manager to be integrated into customer software solutions.


An ultra-modern charging station for the home.

  • The compact format allows it to be installed in the tiniest of spaces.
  • Low-cost rental models make this charging station affordable even for private parking spaces.


Maximum output at minimum cost.

  • A compact, user-friendly design with the option of one or two charging points.
  • Ideal for companies, the home or use in car parks in buildings.

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