CrossPower Energy is a whole-of-market system integrator and turnkey supplier of renewable systems and concepts. Alongside innovative solutions for photovoltaic systems, we also have expertise in hybrid power supply systems based on battery storage, integrating all technologies.

In terms of plant engineering, our core competencies are primarily in the fields of engineering, project management, assembly, commissioning and after-sales services.


Photovoltaic systems

Photovoltaics play a vital role as an energy source as the world moves towards a more sustainable future. No matter what the requirements, we have the perfect system for the task at hand. Services we provide include delivery of all plant components, assembly and connection to the grid. Plus, we can also directly supply all the necessary plant components for high, medium and low voltage if needed.


Battery storage

On-grid or off-grid? Looking for greater self-sufficiency and/or to support an existing grid?

We have the ideal battery storage solution for every field of application. Our sophisticated solutions are either delivered in prefabricated and pretested containers or integrated straight into an existing building. All battery storage units that we install are supplied with the necessary battery management and energy management systems.

Crosspower_Icons_2021-01-12_Hybride Energieversorgung

Hybrid power supply

Hybrid solutions integrating photovoltaics, wind power and existing plants can reduce fossil fuel consumption by up to 80%. This also significantly reduces the electricity generation cost for our customers. By taking this approach, we can all contribute considerably towards cutting CO2 emissions and play an important part in shifting the economy onto a more sustainable footing.