Corporate culture

“We want to create something truly unique – a place where people can grow and fulfil their dreams. We aim to create a nurturing environment for our team – a place our employees look forward to coming to, where they like to be and where they want to stay.
We employ some of the best minds in the field, people who play key roles in ensuring our success.
We are not in the business of telling people what to do and how to do it, nor do we intend to. We take care of our employees and treat them according to our moral and ethical principles. This is our pledge and our obligation.”

People are a company’s most important capital; after all, our staff are the ones who are constantly contributing to our success. We are deeply committed to diversity. We want to create a truly unique and attractive environment where our employees can rise to meet new challenges and achieve their full potential. We value their contributions and make sure that we, in turn, contribute to preserving their work-life balance. We treat our team well and pay them well – this is our top priority.

Business ethics

CrossPower has implemented a Business Ethics Directive and set up its own compliance programme. We give our employees regular and consistent training to ensure that they always act accordingly in their daily dealings with our stakeholders, based on our Code of Conduct. We maintain strong ties with all our stakeholders and have a keen interest in establishing long-term alliances and partnerships based on trust.

Corporate social responsibility

CrossPower has a strong sense of social responsibility. We are constantly on the lookout for partners and organisations that need our support to improve their circumstances. We offer them initiatives that will help them grow. We run employee programmes, cooperate with local communities and, by the very nature of our operations, contribute to improving the environment.

Our management ensures that our day-to-day business runs smoothly; we are committed to acting as a reliable partner for all our stakeholders. We have a strong focus on sustainability in all our business activities. This is key for us. Read all about our initiatives.

CrossPower interacts ethically with the entire business ecosystem.

Crosspower is committed to respecting all employees and stakeholders.

Crosspower intends to keep the company’s environmental impact to a minimum at all times.