René Neubauer

René Neubauer

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“Climate change and global warming are an undeniable reality. We fully embrace the challenge of making the world a better and cleaner place and making the earth a safer place for humans and all other living beings on this beautiful planet. We cannot and will not accept a ‘no’. We are committed to implementing our concepts on a global scale and on the basis of our values and principles – doing whatever it takes, today and in the future. Until we have finally achieved our goals.”

René Neubauer started out as a technical draughtsman at Schrack Anlagenbau and later moved to the engineering department for industrial conveyor systems. He then joined VA TECH T&D as a plant engineering project manager for substations and later gained experience in project management, sales and commissioning. He transferred to the ABB Group, where he worked in business development for railway infrastructure and hydroelectric power plants before joining the Pfisterer Group as sales manager for high-tech transmission and distribution network components. During the past three years, René Neubauer was responsible for the business development of the CrossPower concept in the Pfisterer Group before he and his business partners acquired the brand, which has since been continued as CrossPower Energy GmbH.